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That little kid...
SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2007 - 1:23PM
REVIEW That little kid...
on Greensboro - Downtown Greensboro
What a great day for Greensboro, NC. I had the best time at the free concert headlining Chris Daughtry. As for that little kid, he name is Julian Allred and his website is http://www.jamminjulian.com/index.cfm. I have seen him performing around town and he is awesome!! I wonder if he has made it on the talk show circuit? Can't wait to see Chris back in the area... Way to stay true to your roots:)

From:  DaughtryOfficial.com


Above is a picture of Bernard Purdie & My Dad.  My dad always says I'm great!
Bernard Purdie told my parents that I really played "in the pocket better than the
other drummers who gave me their CD's."


"A couple of days ago I got another link submission, this time it wasn’t another drum blog or zine, but the website of 8 year old Jammin Julian. I didn’t knew this young fellow yet, and the only thing I can say is: Wow! he’s got skill!
To see for yourself, watch the two videos below…"

DailyDrummer.com   3.21.08

"Wow!!! Oh My God!!! Unbelievable etc."
- Eddie Bayers 

Eddie Bayers is a highly respected drummer, playing with almost every top country artist you could think of! Please check out his website at: www.lanebrody.com/eddiebayers.htm
"Lisa, very cute ! maybe this is something you should send to Modern
Drummer. You should send it to Billy Amondola, tell him I told you to."

Liberty Devitto, an amazing drummer, widely known for his playing with Billy Joel honored us by replying after
viewing Julian's video. Visit his site at www.libertydevitto.com


Here is our mailing address! Chad and I WANT to invite you back next season!!! WE were so excited to have you here at HPU and hope to continue this great partnership!!
- Neil Holmes, Sports Marketing Coordinator, HP University


"Many of you may recognize young Julian  from the photos and music in the last two issues of RPRM. Julian just launched his own website, which features some great photos of him as well as the two tracks he appeared on from last issue."

Jesse Morris, Real People-Real Music 

"Very cool... If he's seven, I can only imagine what he'll do by high school! We can all say we knew him when..." Uncle Mojo - Houston, Texas
"Well all I can say is, when you got it, you got it!! THis kid sounds better than most adult drummers i know. We just linked little julian up to our site because we think he is amazing."   Jeremy - The Ward - Oxford, Mississippi

"You are awsome Julian!!!!!!"  Todd - Moses Kane - Juneau, Alaska 

"This kid is the real deal." - Steven DeVoid


"You gotta be kiddin me!That julian kid is a ferocious drummer. Better chops then a lot of "pro's" i've played with.
 Keep it up , kid the world is yours!" -
Velcromindset,  Seattle, WA

E-mail received 8/25/06


You were chosen as this months NYFD spotlight.

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Jenifer Tooke

Artist Relations/Customer Service

Pro-Mark Corporation

Congrats to August's Not Yet Famous Drummer Superstars

Julian Allred

Paul Meyer

Pro-Mark is pleased to announce the winners of the Not Yet Famous Drummer spotlight for August. Both drummers will receive a special Not Yet Famous Drummer t-shirt, Pro-Mark Artist CD, one pair of TX5AW and a drum key ring (not to mention, that they will be one step closer to fame).

Julian Allred - This talented seven year old has been playing drums since he was 15 months old. Julian will also be featured in the "New Blood" section of DRUM! Magazine within the next few months. View Julian's Profile page."